Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Aerials, rolls, contact?

So there we have it. You have chosen rolls as your favourite twirling mode. I must say I am very surprised as I thought aerials would win hands down. It was an interesting poll beacuse in the outset rolls had a big lead but towards the end aerials started to catch up.

Final result:
46% Rolls

38% Aerials

15% Contact

Check out the new poll and get voting.

Wednesday, 18 July 2007


Hi guys,

It would be great if you could leave comments to my posts and get some debate going. Let's show how engaged we are in our wonderful sport. You must have opinions on technique Vs difficulty!

Get in there.

What is more important, technique or difficulty?

What do you think is more important in our sport, technique or difficulty?

This is a question I struggle with all the time. I want to say technique, and although I know that this is the right answer I am not always sure that this is what is appreciated by the viewing public or indeed the scoring judges.

Therefore, I think you definately need some balance between the two. Even the world champions have technical flaws (well most of them, not sure that Seishi does). We need to keep pushing and exceeding the boundaries in terms of difficulty, but if this becomes too much at the expense of technique then we will never succeed in our aspiration to be an olympic sport.

It is my opinion that the weight of responsibility lies with the coaches. If they insist that their athletes are only permitted to perform a skill in competition if it is technically competent (it doesn't need to be perfect) then we begin to see a more beautiful sport. Of course the judges must also take some responsibility and only reward those athletes who are technically correct, and who are performing what they have mastered, not what they are still trying to accomplish in the training gym.
Keisuke KOMADA: now he may just have perfect technique!

Let me know what you think?

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Modes Poll

WOW I can't believe that there have been four votes on the poll already and ALL of them have been for ROLLS. Who would have believed it? Brilliant.

Definition of Baton Twirling

Can somebody out there tell me if there is an official definition of Baton Twirling? and if there is where I can find it?

I tried to look on GOOGLE but failed to find anything of any substance.

I thought that between us we could try to come up with something really cool. Here is a first attempt from me.

Baton Twirling - a dynamic and creative sport which incorporates the three specialisms of twirling, dance and gymnastics. Athletes are expected to master the three modes of twirling (aerials, rolls, and contact). All of these skills are then packaged into a musical performance which demonstrates the athletes technical and artistic expertise.



Hi, and welcome to this brand new blog all about twirling.

I want to reach out to all the twirlers of the world and spread the word that twirling is a great sport. I promise to try and update this blog at least once per week with new polls and favourite lists.

I will also be blogging about a whole load of issues including anything from "How do we improve our technique" to "Who is the best twirler in the history of baton twirling". I welcome discussion and comments, and would also like to see you recommending what you would like me to blog about next.

It is about time that we spread the word of baton twirling and showed the world what an amazing sport baton twirling really is.

I hope you enjoy this new blog.

All the best,

I Love Baton Twirling